Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Quick Run - Nov 2013

Last weekend I took the opportunity to make a run to one of my favorite places, Val Dieu Abbey, just inside the Belgian border from Germany. The purpose of this trip was two fold. First, was to introduce a couple of my old friends who recently moved to Germany to my favorite Abbey and current favorite beverage and cheese source. Two, and most important, a beer run. A fairly short trip, but a pleasant one.

This trip was doubly exciting, the first is because we were able to see the Abbey and it's park in a fall setting, wandering it's park with changed leaves and a slight nip in the air. Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera with me to take any new pictures, so some old summer pictures will have to suffice. The other reason that this was a great trip was that the Abbey had a seasonal Christmas beer "Biere de Noel". Which none of us knew was going on and tasted fantastic.

Our trip entailed sitting down to lunch and enjoying the meal and a Belgian beer or two. Almost all of use ordered the Noel beer to try, and everyone loved it. I also tried a new meal here, the duck (or Canard) dish. After enjoying a meal under a portion of the gears using water power in part of the brewing process, we purchased what beers we thought we might like to take home to share with friends and then wandered the Abbey's park for awhile. Enjoying the fall scenery and letting our delicious food settle. After that we hopped back in the cars and drove home content and happy.  I think part of the reason I enjoy this Abbey so much is just the chance to wander around such a beautiful park for a few minutes, and praise God for such a wonderful place.

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